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Identifing Roofing Problems

Many contractors are assigned with one difficult task to accomplish: How to identify roof problems. Here is our list of common areas on where to inspect and discover those roof problems. Although, there could be different areas that you have to investigate, these are the most repeated scenarios.

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Drain Flashing

It is not a simple as installing lots of drain openings. The building's drain system should consist of reasonable drain openings, adequate pitch from high point to drainage components. It is a good practice to include overflow scuppers through different areas to avoid accumulation of water in case on an emergency. Proper maintenance should be given to all of these areas.

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Rooftop Equipments

It is very easy to install the A/C compressor, the satellite antenna and other components directly to the surface. Proper attention should be given when this kind of equipment is being installed. They should never be mounted or placed directly to the top of the roof membrane. They should be mounted to a support structure or to raised curb-type supports. Flat flange or curb flashing can then be used to keep the roof watertight, and roof replacement and recovering can be done without disturbing or removing the equipment.

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Keeping the Moisture Outside - Roof Leaks

When it comes to roofs we all want the water to stay out of our house, but when a leak occurs it can be frustrating finding the source. It could be a flashing gone bad, wind damage or the result of ice dams which can cost thousands of dollars of interior repairs. To say the least, a yearly roof inspection will help avoid costly repairs. In the Boise, Idaho area we rarely get very heavy snow falls that damage roofs. But this last winter of 2016-2017, many structures collapsed or suffered damage due to heavy snow loads. There were many factors involved in the damages but the idea is to be prepared ahead of time and have the roof inspected.

Water Puddles - Ponding

We all wish there was a simple solution like installing another drain opening. But your building is set up with a drain system from the start that should be reasonable for your given environment. It would be a good habit to clean the scuppers regularly to avoid any accumulations of water. We can recommend solutions for roofs that "pond".

Wind Damage

Wind damage can occur when the shingles loose their adhesion to the tar strip underneath, which causes them to bend up and tear off. The wind also causes tree limbs to break and fall on roofs damaging the shingles and possibly the structure. Whichever problem occurs for you, it is important to get it repaired right away to prevent leaks from damaging other areas of the business or house. The end results could be a simple shingle repair to major reconstruction.