When Is it Time for a New Roof?

Reasons for a New Roof

Figuring out if you need a total roof replacement or not isn’t always clear, but making the correct decision is important. New roof installation can be a big investment and can change the look, feel and how your home functions too. 

JB’s Roofing specializes in both roof replacement and roof repair and will show you the state of your roof, so you can make an informed decision. We will show you the options for your situation and answer any questions you may have too. 

We suggest getting your roof inspected if you have a roof older than 20 years, are selling or renting the home. JB’s Roofing will give you the information to help you decide whether a repair will work or if a roof replaced is needed. Contact us to start your FREE roofing price estimate in the Boise area, including Meridian, Nampa, Eagle and nearby.

Wonderful service with these guys! I had a roof put on my detached garage - they were fast, easy to deal with and the price was the best in the valley. I highly recommend them!

CARRIE LYNN, from Google

Very professional and timely, did a great job and took great lengths to ensure all trash and materials were cleaned up. They even followed up periodically months later to ensure all was well.

SEAN FIELD, from Google

I was totally pleased with the professional services I received from JB's Roofing Inc. Their service was clearly estimated, done when they said it would be done, and the quality of their work satisfied me completely. I would recommend them to anyone and I would definitely use their services again should need arise. Thank you, JB's Roofing!


Waiting too long to replace a roof could cost even more money in damages down the road. It’s vital to replace it before structural elements are too far damaged. JB’s Roofing offers our roof inspection to customers, to give you information to determine if a roof repair will suffice or if a true roof replacement is in order.

Roof replacement isn’t always the clear answer unless you have water coming into the house. Here are some reasons why replacing a roof might be a good idea.

Here are four reasons to have new roofing installed on your house:

Storm Damage Repairs:

Roof storm damage comes in many forms. Examples include but are not limited to, shingles blowing off, creating bald patches without shingles. Wind damage can cause heavy limbs to fall and dent shingles as can hail. When especially severe, it can be most cost effective to replace the roofing rather than repair it. Have yours inspected to get more detailed information.

Home Value:

Oftentimes homeowners replace roofing before they sell the property, so it looks as new and fresh as possible, while protecting the home from rain damage.  The curb appeal can do wonders and can make an older home look newer again even. Besides that, having a new roof can give the buyer security that they won’t have to replace it again soon, to avoid roof problems for as long as possible.

Replacing Old Roofing:

Asphalt roof shingles typically last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Unfortunately, factors such as storm damage, low slope, ice damming, and mold or moss growth can significantly shorten the life of an asphalt roof. If your roof has any of the characteristics described in the “signs of damaged roofing” sidebar, it’s a good idea to replace the roof. Otherwise, you risk even more severe problems like rotted roof framing and leaks that can damage the house and its contents.

Completing a major remodel:

Are you planning to build an addition? How about adding some dormers or skylights? These major remodeling projects involve changes to your roofline and the installation of new roofing. Rather than have an unattractive mix of new and old roofing, many homeowners elect to have a total re-roof done as part of the project.

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