Repairing Common Roofing Problems

Do you have a roofing problem? Some roofing problems are obvious, for example shingles that blow off in a storm. Other times a trained eye is needed to see a seemingly small issue that can easily become a larger problem. 

There is good news! Roofing problems can be correctly fixed with an full-service and experienced roofing contractor such as JB’s Roofing.

JB’s Roofing will fix your home the right way with quality materials and expertise to keep your home dry. 

We are The Treasure Valley’s expert roofing contractors, providing our comprehensive roofing services to property owners in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and the surrounding areas.

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Very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, timely and received a superior product at a great price. Very happy...looking forward to enjoying my new roof for the next 30 years.


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DIANE SHEPARD, from Google

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High winds often blow shingles off in sections in extreme cases. It’s typically in the area hit directly by high winds that is affected. The felt and sheathing under the shingles can also get blown away exposing the wood to the elements.

how to fix it:

If sections of the roof have been blown off by high winds, we will install new roofing and ensure that your home is properly protected against future storms.

High winds and storms cause major roof damage when tree limbs and trees fall onto the roof, damaging them. The damage can include anything from structural damage, to shingle punctures and holes to a partial roof collapse even in extreme cases.

How to fix it:

Depending on the damage, we will decide if the damage is worth fixing or if a roof replacement will provide better results.

Missing, broken and torn shingles can be caused by wind, impact or foot traffic. Old shingles often cup, curl and become brittle; these are all signs of roofing that should be replaced. “Bald” shingles that have lost their protective granules detract from the roof’s appearance and will age prematurely if they’re exposed to direct sunlight. During a roof inspection, it’ also important to look for “nail pops” – roofing nails that have been pushed up through roof shingles and can cause roof leaks.

How to fix it:

Sometimes shingles can be repaired and sometimes the roofing will need to be replaced. Our expert roofers will inspect your roof and choose the best course of action depending on the extent of the damage.

Unless a large tree branch has punched a hole in your roof, roof leaks can be difficult to detect. Water can leak past the roofing through a hole made by a popped nail. It can also leak into your house around damaged flashing or because of water backed up behind an ice dam. The point where the leak found its way to your living space may or may not be close to the leak location.

How to fix it:

It’s smart to call in an experienced roofing professional if you find water leaking into your house from above. JB’s Roofing will inspect the chimney and vents for cracks in the flashing, check the eaves for damage from ice dams, look for damaged shingles, and check the attic for leaks in the deck.


When wood gets wet and can’t dry out completely, wood rot is likely to occur. Even a small leak can result in rotted roof sheathing and rafters, which will seriously weaken the roof structure. Other areas vulnerable to wood rot include the fascia board and soffit.

How to fix it:

These problems are often discovered during a re-roof and can be corrected by patching in new material.

When a new asphalt shingle roof is installed on an existing house, the old asphalt shingle roof can be removed or left in place. Most building codes say that you can’t install more than two layers of asphalt roofing, but this rule is sometimes ignored. There are two main problems with three layers of roofing. First off, the uppermost roofing shingles are likely to be uneven and inadequately anchored to the roof sheathing. Secondly, the combined weight of the roofing material can exceed the strength of the roof framing.

How to fix it:

The solution is to remove all three layers of roofing and start fresh, directly on the roof sheathing.

We are Boise’s experts for quality roof services

After inspecting your roof, our certified professionals will know exactly what needs to be done to repair your roof. Some damage will only need minor repairs, while other roofing damage will require a complete roof replacement. We will help you choose the right solution to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

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